Keenan & Carroll
Attorneys-at-Law, P.A.
Dennis J. Keenan & Julie Carroll

Areas of Practice

Family Law

We provide services to clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, annulment, legal separation, maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony), child support, child custody, visitation or parenting time, pre and post nuptial agreements, adoption, cohabitation issues, property division, grandparent visitation, guardianship, and conservatorship. We work with clients to achieve an amicable, satisfactory, and timely resolution to the issue, as we recognize and appreciate that family law issues can be very stressful to clients and their families. In the event an issue cannot be resolved by other means, we are trained, experienced, and prepared to try the case in Court. We strive to not only address immediate concerns but to achieve long term solutions at the same time. We also provide services related to Protection from Abuse orders and Protection from Stalking orders.

Juvenile Law

We provide representation to parents, grandparents, or other interested parties in Child In Need of Care cases (commonly referred to as CINC cases). We also provide representation on cases in which a juvenile has been alleged to have committed a crime. We are sensitive to the fact that the outcome of cases involving a juvenile can have a long term impact on the future of the juvenile, and we work to achieve the best outcome possible.

Criminal Law

Our attorneys recognize the stress that comes with being accused of a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor, felony, or DUI. We understand that even a minor run in with the law can have a major impact on one's life or profession. We are well versed in the law as it relates to criminal procedure and a person's constitutional rights. We will analyze the case to insure the case was handled properly by law enforcement from its inception, and we are prepared to battle the case out in court if necessary.

DUI / Traffic

DUI cases have many aspects and considerations, from the impact it can have on one's driving privileges, to considerations about insurance, to the impact it can have on one's employment. All of these issues must be considered when deciding on an approach to a DUI case. DUI laws change often, and we are versed in the law to assist and help our clients obtain the best resolution possible.

Collection on Debts

Many people and businesses struggle to collect on debts owed to them. Our firm knows and understands the legal procedure to implement to achieve payment on debts for our clients.

Agricultural Law

Our attorneys have personal experience with agricultural issues. Dennis Keenan and Julie Carroll were both raised on a farm, and Dennis Keenan was personally involved in farming operations for over 25 years. We are prepared to handle cases involving farm leases, tenant issues, the purchase / sale of land, and all other issues you may have.

Oil / Gas Law

Dennis Keenan has been personall involved in oil / gas himself since 1981. He has handled many cases involving these issues in his legal career as well. He is familiar with all aspects of the oil / gas business, including drilling rigs, operating companies, working interests, and royalty interests.

Business / Banking Law

Our attorneys are well versed in business and banking issues. Mortgages, security agreements, foreclosures, and replevins are just a few of the types of issues with which we can assist you.

Probate / Trusts / Estate Planning

We handle estates of all sizes and provide services related to estate planning, estate maintenance, and estate administration. Estate planning services include, but are not limited to, the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, and trusts. Through estate maintenance services, we can help clients meet their needs due to major life occurrences such as a death, divorce, marriage or remarriage, or the birth of a child. Through estate administration, we can assist clients in the administration of trusts, probate of estates, representation of fiduciaries and personal representatives, and provide services to trustees, guardians, and conservators in carrying out their duties.


We can assist you with the drafting of contracts and issues related to the enforcement of contracts.